No rain can stop this Jam
But surely a Tropical Wave can

Acting on the advice from the Barbados Meteorology Services and the Black Pearl Party Cruises ( Jolly Roger ), Team Island Mas regrets to advise that our event 'Island Mas On The Ocean (IMOTO)' which was scheduled for 5pm today will be POSTPONED until further notice.

Due to the inclemency of the weather we believe that the safety of our patrons is paramount.

Kindly note that we will soon advise on the next available date, so please check your emails and our social media pages for that announcement.
Ticket holders are asked to keep tickets as they will remain valid 

Be safe

Team Island Mas


Trinidad Carnival from a Different Perspective.. Part 2

Trinidad Carnival from a Different Perspective..  A must Go...

You ‘fraid the Devil...

I still have my “battle” scars from my fall many years ago as I attempted to run from the King Jab Jab, as he came down Lord Street, San Fernando, his body painted dark blue almost black, his eyes red and staring, his mouth wide open with what looked like blood drooling from the corner…..his pitchfork in hand demanding money.

A lot of persons coming in to Trinidad are now playing Jouvay in the suburbs and are no longer going into Port of Spain mainly due to crime, so it may be unlikely that you would come across the Jab Jabs in these sanitised Jouvay routes. Well you are in for a treat on Carnival Monday night.  The Blue Devils are some of the most exciting traditional characters you can hope to see on the street in Trinidad Carnival but more so in the Paramin Monday Blue Devil night festival. It is said that they can be traced as far back before World War 1.  They are sometimes known as “jab jab” or “jab molassi”  Jab is the French patois for Diable (Devil), and Molassie is the French patois for Mélasse (Molasses).  

They appear in bands, covered in blue or black, carrying items such as pitchforks and baby dolls, with “blood” drooling out their mouths and tongues red.  You can hear them coming from afar with their rhythmic music.  Their dance is an infectious “jab jab” rhythm using intricate foot and shoulders movements. In the Band one of the main characters is the King Devil who is normally on his leash controlled by an imp, and he tends to get up close and personal to the crowd.  As a child I would love to see them “make fire” as I called it (always from afar).  Even now this is one of their main antics – to create large gusts of fire by spitting kerosene into open flames.

Errol Hill describes the Jab Mollassie as a, “leaping, prancing, masker, his body daubed with black or blue paint, sometimes with molasses, who threatens to besmear spectators unless they pay him off.”   If you are not too afraid, go visit Paramin a quaint village in the heights of Maraval to see the Blue Devils of Paramin, remember to walk with a little change or be prepared to come home in blue….

Enjoying Trinidad Carnival from a Different Perspective

Enjoying Trinidad Carnival from a Different Perspective


Everyone who goes Trinidad for Carnival knows early up What fete they want to attend or What Bands they want to Play in.   This year if you are lucky to go Trinidad Carnival here are some events you may want to consider trying as they will allow you to see other aspects of the Carnival festival.

Stick Fighting Competition  - you may be too late for the Semi Finals, but definitely check out the Finals of Carnival Wednesday night Tickets for the Grand Finals at Skinner Park, San Fernando, are $100 and are available at the NCC’s Box Office at the Queen’s Park Savannah

Do a Pan Yard visit – you cannot go Trinidad Carnival without listening to some sweet music – this year Peter Ram’s tune – Good Morning is being played by 5 bands in the Finals.

What about checking out the traditional Mas Characters – you can see the Sailors on Carnival Friday at Adams Smith Sq. or other Characters at Adam Smith Sq on Friday lunch time.

One must is the Reenactment of the Camboulay Riots –  go straight from your fete to see this wonderful production on Carnival Friday morning at 4am.  To get some more info go to

Don’t just Play Mas or Fete, get out and see some other aspects of what Carnival has to offer, you would find the experience very enlightening.



Written by a Trini in Barbados …