In 2007 a group of friends, trini and bajan got together to have a party at "Crop Over / Kadooment" time.

With the party approach of Trinidad and the evolving party scene in Barbados, the idea for a staple at the Trinidad carnival party scene with a Bajan flavour would fit the group; hence "The Breakfast Party" was born.

Held on "Crop Over" Sunday we take the young and the young at heart to the ultimate in day parties, serving up a blend of cultural food and music to fit every need.

Island Mas Inc. is a locally incorporated company created to promote, manage and organise entertainment events in Barbados.

Island Mas Inc. is made up of "trinibajan" and "bajantrini" directors merging to give a unique perspective on entertainment events.

Together we represent the synergy of Barbados Crop Over and Trinidad Carnival.

We are truly "A TrinBajan Experience" 


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Simple not Ordinary. Come and experience a fusion of two cultures in a non stop event !!!


The Breakfast Party

Our "Flagship" event born on Crop Over Sunday (the day before Kadooment)

The concept is and will always be the melting of the two cultures; Trinidadian party atmosphere with Bajan influence to produce a unique experience in day parties.

Our motto "A Trinbajan Experience"

The Breakfast Party is held on the day before "Kadooment" each year. It is much more than Breakfast as we party all the way to lunch and beyond.
Its an all inclusive events that gives you the perfect blend of food, drinks and friends.
It should be noted that all of our endeavours will focus on capturing the spirit of Carnival and Crop Over.

 Island Mas on the Ocean - IMOTO

We take to the seas for Sunset Cruise !

This event is set aboard the Jolly Roger 1, where start our crop over season with a party that rocks the ocean as the sun sets on our beautiful island.

It's our only cooler event but in true Island Mas style we always have a few surprises for you.

Come cruise the seas and celebrate like only an Island Mas family can..... PARTY DONE !!!







Sunset Masquerade

Set in the cool of the evening, this event brings the mystery and fun of a masquerade party with a twist that can only be found at an Island Mas event.

If you think you are up for it .....come and party with us.


Start your year with MAS ! Island Mas launches the year with our unique brand of parties. 

This event welcomes the first sunlight of the year and goes on until we have truly started the year by celebrating into the afternoon.

Join Us and start your year correct !!!!!



“cRave is a hybrid of Carnival and Rave. cRave injects partygoers with an incessant, adrenaline-pumping stream of heavily influenced Soca with a hint of dance and pop style momentum.”

cRave was born out of the emerging fusion of soca music with other genres.

This party is not an annual event but when we hold it  we will push the envelope in bringing this new carnival fusion style party to our shores. It's started as a pre carnival event but fits any time of the year.